How to Read Unsent or Deleted Messages in Messenger?

Do you ever wonder how to read unsent or deleted messages from your friend or someone in Messenger application? Well that won’t be a problem anymore because you can either use the applications Notifly or DirectChat.

How do DirectChat and Notifly Applications work?

These applications can read notifications and also reply to notifications. When receiving messages, it creates a small bubble notification on your screen and will display the message or content of what you also receive in Messenger application. Just always turn on Messenger and either of the mentioned applications to receive all the sent or unsent messages.

These applications also supports other social media apps and also creates ChatHeads or Chat Bubbles when receiving messages or emails. You can add all the messaging applications you have on your phone. You can also read and reply to all your social media applications without ever coming online or revealing your last seen.

Using Notifly Application

Using DirectChat Application

Features of the Applications:

  • Blocked Users
  • ChatHead/Bubble Support for all apps
  • Recover deleted messages by others in chat
  • MultiWindow/MultiTasking – Chat over the top of any window
  • Privacy Mode – Read messages without coming online or revealing last seen
  • DND Mode – Pause the ChatHead Service temporary and stop receiving its notification

The only downside of these applications is that it cannot show any received images so you still need to online and use your social media app just to see it. Overall, the important element/feature is still there and you can still read received text messages.