How to Activate and Execute Long Screenshot in Chrome

Do you find it hard to take screenshots on Chrome browser that has a long page? This tutorial will teach you how to take long screenshots on your phone. This would be useful mostly for readers or students that wants to save their storage and time in taking many screenshots at once.

These are the steps to be followed to activate and take long screenshots in Chrome browser:

We need to open our Chrome browser (application) first and type and enter this in the URL box or address bar, chrome://flags.

Use the search bar and type this to easily locate this setting, Chrome Share Long Screenshots. If it is in “Default” mode, change it to “Enable” to activate it.

Once changes has done, the Chrome browser will tell you to “Relaunch” the application for the settings to take effect. Click the “Relaunch” button.

Once the application is relaunched, go to any website you want to take a long screenshot. To take a long screenshot, click the options at the upper-right of your chrome app then click the “Share” button.

You will find the button “Long Screenshot” button in the sharing actions. Now you can take long screenshots to save storage space and save time as well.

Full Credits to: Aozora_______ (Phcorner User)

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